She shreds skinny Victors bunghole using her solid pipe   

Added on 20th March 2019

Walkiria is a giant tranzilla with thick legs, fat ass, massive tits and a world-class ding dong and ball sack. She is a hungry animal and as soon as Victor comes close she goes nuts trash talking, deep kissing and forcing her wang deep down his throat. She shreds skinny Victors bunghole using her solid pipe to pile drive his sphincter and make him moan like a Brazilian cow. He licks her dirty dick straight out of his own ass and then earns himself a mouthful of her gooey tranny cum

Cock Hungry Taina   

Added on 15th March 2019

Taina likes big city life which includes shopping and finding new guys to surprise with her something extra. She has dark skin tone and round tis and a dark stump that quickly rises to the occasion. Her new man friend gobbles it up before dropping to all fours and letting Taina ride him like a haina. He gets his turn and battles through her large butt cheeks to penetrate her chute. She yanks as she is getting plugged from below and spews out a creamy one on his stomach and chest.


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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