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Patti is a super slutty shemale   

Added on 31st July 2019

Patti is a super slutty shemale. She is tall and skinny with blonde hair, long legs and a veery eager appetite for cock. She tears through the one we find her, before sword fighting and cock smacking with her new foreign friend. She actually gets 2 foreigners today, and 2 big white cocks to play with. She gets pumped by one while the other she sucks on. Her cock stands stiff as she gets plugged and deep plunged. They fuck hard, as she starts to lactate from her perky dark nipples. One cock after the other ramp up and prepare to blow in her face and one on her puckering ass hole. She showers and waives goodbye for now.

she drills a deep tunnel in and out of his bottom   

Added on 24th July 2019

Thayane is very tall and very pretty too. Long long hair and long legs too are a couple of the things guys are attracted too. Her new boyfriend has something else he really likes too. it is the stiff sausage that stays in hiding between her thunder thighs. He sucks on it for a long time; getting it all into his mouth with a little room for some nut too. She lays him out and goes after his hairy ass; drilling a deep tunnel in and out of his bottom. She pulls her cock out every now and then and makes him suck his ass off her stick. She continues to work him over before readying a fresh tranny batch for his face.


Wednesday, March 03, 2021

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